Posted on May 9, 2018

ASP Plastics GmbH

ASP-Plastics belongs to the BIEGLO Group and is a distributor for decorative and protective films, thermoformable sheets, cast acrylic protection panels and windows. ASP-Plastics offers other specialty films and sheets. We have a long experiences in the plastics industry, with a depth of knowledge in marketing, sales and technical services. Our main Products: • KORAD* / Acrylloy* Acrylic film for In-Line lamination of various substrates • Polycomc PVC and PVC film for In-Line lamination and Off-Line wrapping • Royalite® ABS and PVC Fire-Rated sheet • Cast Acrylic Laser-protection sheets • Cast Acrylic sheets: bullet resistant sheets, CA-film, -sheet and -aluminum foil As a reliable partner, we use our plastics expertise to shape your project for success. For more information about ASP Plastics, please visit our website: